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Yes compatible.  Just not color correct.  Big label should do it, maybe find a diesel screw on cap in case I get old and cant remember.

Close enough!  A label would help prevent the local floating gas station from filling it with the wrong stuff...

Is the tank compatible with diesel?  Usually, they're yellow or clear if they are.  Never having had to buy a plastic diesel tank, I'm not sure what the differences are, whether a gasoline tank is compatible with diesel or not, or vice versa.


My condolences on the family ... sometimes putting the boat aside for a bit is the right thing to do.  Family's more important.

Which Wallas? 



How did you cut the long smooth curves on the pieces of wood that the hatch is sitting on?  Do you have a bandsaw?  Really nice job in matching the shape of the cuddy roof...

Hello, Iím getting ready to start on my 28ft in Lubbock, Texas

Sweet! Can't wait to see your progress pix!

Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: Hello from Texas
« on: January 25, 2020, 03:09:05 PM »

Welcome aboard!  What length are you thinking of building?  Will your boat live on a trailer between trips, or in a slip?


Brian, do you recall what windows dan b used on his boat?

No .... maybe if you PM him he'll tell you.  Dan rounded up on quality on everything he did to build his beauty, so I'm sure that whatever they are, they're nice.

Getting a couple bids on window. Looking at motion windows and I think it was Wynn . Front side windows will slide with screens

Good .... you'll appreciate the ability to open windows and get some ventilation.  I like Wynne, but haven't looked closely at Motion ... only enough to know they're fine.  The (very expensive) Cadillac option are Diamond Seaglaze ....


You won't run into any issues.  Given similar measurements, the extended stem shouldn't be more than 3" off though, so not sure I'm getting what you're saying yet.  BUT, the locations you are talking about are fine.  Make sure that when you make the upper house side panels, that they do run straight.  If you move the aft cuddy bulkhead too far forward, then it just means the pilot house will end up a tad narrower at the f'w'd end compared to the stern end (upper side panels that is).


What a good looking boat!  You've made a LOT of progress too!  Are your side windows going to be sliders, with screens?  Do you know what brand windows you'll be getting?

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Rustoleum topside paint
« on: January 20, 2020, 05:22:51 AM »
As soon. As I get the under bunks painted Iím done with it!

I don't blame you ... it's good paint, but it smears around and doesn't go on thickly enough.  It's the right price though.  I may try it again sometime, but will use an HVLP spray gun to apply it and will NOT touch it while it's still wet.  BTW, If you grab a can or two of standard Rustoleum spray paint, it overcoats the marine stuff just fine and hides the thin spots.  I did that inside some storage areas in a small skiff, and 20 years later, it's still good as new. 


Right on!  My hatch is on BO.  Iím not going ahead on it until itís in my hand.

Yup!  There's always plenty of other work to do!

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Rustoleum topside paint
« on: January 19, 2020, 04:41:58 PM »
I had the same experience on a boat that I painted Marine Rustoleum Blue.  It took 5 coats and thin spots still showed through.  I gave up then primered and painted with System III paint.  I think that lots of people like the Marine Rustoleum, but perhaps they're spraying it?


You can notch the f'w'd and aft cuddy bulkheads for the roof supports if you'd like ... no problem.  Use a Japanese pull saw to cut them off flush with the outer surfaces of the bulkheads.  Don't forget that if you're going to use a commercially made hatch, that your supports will be the side frames for the hatch ... separate them by the right amount for the hatch that you select.

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