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Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: Help me choose!
« on: January 19, 2021, 07:33:21 AM »

Just a couple of points of information on the Great Alaskan, then I'll back out and let satisfied customers do all the talking - but feel free to ask me whatever you like as well. 

The Great Alaskan was designed specifically for:
  • Being simple to build versus boats such as the OB26 (this generally also means cheaper to build)
  • Offshore seaworthiness (the Bluejacket designer does not make this claim - the GA's semi-dory flair and higher bow is better than the flat-sided OB26)
  • Efficiency (burns less fuel per hour than any other boat in its class ... that I know of)

OK ...

Brian,  Did you get those video clips you listed on Jan 2 posted?

tom e

Haven't done a darn thing!  Been pretty pressed lately, helping others on various things .. not really getting a weekend to do other stuff.  This weekend's busy too .... sigh

I installed a bilge alarm in my thunderjet last winter. I ended up installing a separate float switch to a backup pump and the light/alarm on my dash. I like having the backup and I like a visual and audible alarm in case I知 running at speed and the pumps are going. I知 going to do the same configuration in my GA. Since I値l have dual batteries I値l want to wire it in front of the battery switch so it can be hot all the time.

That's the config that I recommend.  It's always best practice to wire bilge pumps, alarms, indicators ahead of the main battery switch.  You can use a bilge switch on the panel to arm the circuit, then let the float switch turn the pump on/off, indicator light on only when the float switch turns on the pump.  I like having an ON indicator (on when the panel switch is on) and a PUMPING indicator that's on when the float switch is on.  Just make sure you use appropriate circuit protection ... inline fuse.  ON indicator will stay dark if the fuse is blown.  Some people skip using a panel switch ... one less thing to fail.


The only real downside to having an off-center motor, especially if you raise the motor a tad since the deadrise goes up, is that you can get some cavitation when turning hard (usually when going slow) towards the opposite side... if that makes sense.  No real reason that I can think of to mount the motor off center.

Just added the flip video on You tube.

Would it be possible for a Sticky for video links for everyone on the forum could have easy access.

Thanks ... I'll be working on it this weekend.  In the mean time, anyone with videos that are posted somewhere ... send me the link.  You can also send me the video itself and I'll upload.  I also want to mirror the videos into the FB page too ...



Sounds like a good plan, but nothing compares to having awesome "freeing ports" ... big scuppers.  All commercial boats do ... for good reason

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Rolling +/- Tipping
« on: January 05, 2021, 09:01:57 AM »

Rolling and tipping works well if you pick the right paint system.  And ... spraying inside the house/cuddy (and inside various chambers in the boat) isn't bad if you use what's called a "detail gun" that's designed for all-angles and close-up work.

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: 30' GA in Elma Wa.
« on: January 05, 2021, 06:03:43 AM »
Today i placed the other side on the hull and crawled under to mark for cutting.  Wow!!!!! I have been smiling for hours.

It's looking like a giant boat now!  :D

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: 30' GA in Elma Wa.
« on: January 04, 2021, 04:58:05 PM »

The image rotation and scaling is caused by Simple Machines Forums failing to recognize EXIF info in the picture ... a problem with pix from phones in particular.  There's a mod that's on my todo list to install that automatically fixes this (Automatic Attachment Rotation mod) ... it reads the EXIF tags, determines which way is up, and then inserts the picture in the RIGHT orientation ... thanks for the heads up.  I keep forgetting about it ....

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: 30' GA in Elma Wa.
« on: January 04, 2021, 06:54:49 AM »
Nice progress. For your shelter, were you able to get the plans from Stimson?  Seems like he was out of biz, unresponsive for a long time .... is the Stimson Bow Roof Shed available again?

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 03, 2021, 09:47:40 AM »
Keep me informed. I live in Colorado and would make a trek to see all your boats. Plus it gives me a reason to get the boat out.

AND get it wet in the Big Salt!  You'd love going in/out of the entrance to the Depoe Bay lagoon.... :)  Search on YouTube for it ... boat needs a horn installed, FYI :D


It kinda hit me today that with all the videos that people are posting, that it might be a good idea to start a YouTube channel or play list to get them all available in one spot when people search for them ... so far, I know of the following ... if anyone has new links that I'm not listing below, please let me know so I can get them added too - First stab will be done by end of Monday the 4th.  Here's my list so far

- Anthony Lyndaker / Cook Inlet Boats overview of the Great Alaskans, it's lines etc
- Jason Buehler boat flip time-lapse, parts 1 and 2
- Bob in Olympia (RBob) roof and roof painting review
- The ongoing video build blog from Randy Henry in Silverton, Oregon
- The two speed-record (44 mph) videos originally from Adrian P in Gresham, Oregon.
- Dennis Jeffrey's hole-shot video
- Roger B in Spain, hull flip details
- Dan Boccia in Alaska, reviewing his accommodations when they were being built

What else?

Hey Brian: I have a few days away with family so I知 scrolling through the feeds trying to find transom design information. I want to do the swim step or Euro design. I like DJeffrey痴 rounded boat transom a lot. I see his initial sketch on page 1 of his build thread. I have my LVLs long enough to have this configuration on a 28 GA with 26 platform length. However my bottom pieces are not this long. So I assume I need to scarf the additional length to the end of my bottom pieces, as well as the chine pieces. Correct? Do you have any additional suggestions on the main and secondary transom - 1 thick for forward and 2 for motor mounting transom. Any other advice as I pursue this angle?

Yeah ... you'll have to ask around for further details since I haven't worked through that stuff yet, but several have extended the hull with a swim platform as you know.  The 1" thick f'w'd (original) transom with a 2" thick aft transom on a swim platform is perfect.  Extending the stringers, bottom panels and chine flats, with a swim platform on top is the best way to do it and works very well.  The curved transom is strongest, but must be laminated up on a mold to build it.  These 'little adjustments' to the original plan eat up a LOT of time to figure out and do, so consider carefully and keep it simple.   Do a lot of research on those that have gone before and already done it.  Someday, I'll add the instructions to the plans, perhaps as an addendum, but life is far too busy for that now!


General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:26:46 AM »
If I ever get mine finished I値l even let you drive it!

Deal!  Where are you located?
Sling shot distance from the Oregon Country Fair.  I live in Veneta, Oregon.  45 or so minutes east of Florence.

Perfect!  Oregon Great Alaskans and the Oregon Coast is the closest to us here in Ida-who.... :D


General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:25:50 AM »
Every year there is a show in Depoe Bay. It would be a bit further but the Port Townsend Boat Festival in September if it still happens is a big wooden boat show. Lots of fun and activities after the show everyday.  I took my widebody there one year and sold a 6-7 Tolman kits. I'm sure if I took my Kodiak it would be a hot item.

The Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show (and crab feed, wine festival) would be IDEAL ... and such a beautiful spot too!  Same goes for the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA.  The Depoe Bay one is generally in the Spring, and Port Townsend in the Fall ... go to both!

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