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In addition to finished boat, also interested in unfinished project. Rapidly getting close to enough floorspace and time...

For the permit, those are for each state, correct?

Thanks Chuck, I am pretty sold on the GA w 8.5 width. We have plans to trailer quite a bit as have a diesel and are flatlanders a couple hours from big water...



Bump. Still about a year out from time to build... if the right deal came along I would be interested.

Brian, interesting the comment about plans sales... jet skis and outboards are in short supply, I guess a bunch of people decided to get out on the water!


Yes, no doubt there is a large amount of blood, sweat, tears and love in this project! I have been too busy to start, and look to be about another year or more away the way life is right now, so I thought I would put it out there for any who have built one and find themselves at some point in that position of needing or wanting to sell.

If the economy kicks the bucket I may have time to build... so who knows what happens! Lemons and lemonade... :)



I have been following this forum for quite a while, bought plans a while back but life has not allowed me to start a build yet. I would like to put out there that in the near future I would be interested in buying a GA (the right one) from someone who is selling for whatever reason. Would be most interested in complete or near complete boats.

I like the combination of strength, simplicity, ability to trailer, fishing/camping do-it-all boat.



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