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Greetings All,

I have taken the plunge and am in the early stages of a 28í GA build.

I enjoy this forum and learn a great deal from the contributions of its members. While I am not a total boat-building novice, I may have questions along the way and look forward to the thoughts of experienced builders. In 2015, I completed a 16í Snow Goose, a stitch-and-glue Garvey skiff designed by Sam Devlin. Our family has had great fun in that little skiff, but itís time for a bigger boat for bigger adventures.

I am keeping a blog of the build here:

I welcome any thoughts here on the forum. For those interested, youíll have the opportunity to observe my mistakes after I have made them ; )

Iím working with some space constraints and doing most of the building outdoors. Iíll likely take a break in the coming months as I do not have a heated workspace large enough. Now, I am attempting to get the bottom panels constructed and the hull built in the jig before packing it in for the season.

All the Best,

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