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Back to good ol' Yamaha, eh?  :D

I'm a fan of Tohatsu too...

Thank you Brian! Even if itís not perfect this boat is just to make due til I build what I want.....

Itís an old pursuit with a new engine and a nice trailer and good Raymarine bottom machine I picked up the whole package for $12,500 so I really canít complain! We just like to bust snapper and stuff out to 30 miles or son the GOM. Gonna order my GA plans tonight. Still thinking the kodiak.

Right on!  Most of the plans sales lately have been for the Kodiak ... you're in good company :D


It's pinkish ... I'm voting for Douglas Fir.  Either way, it'll be great for your purposes.

Thanks Brian - that's probably what I'll end up doing.  It'll handle the beam, but getting to the correct length is a bit of a stretch (no pun intended).  The more I think about it, it'd make more sense to get a trailer intended for that length of boat.  I appreciate the reply.


Glad to hear it ... you'll feel better about that decision in the long run, and the cost is a small percentage of the boat project.

With a 28-footer, you could end up someday loading it to over 6000# total displacement.  Kent Cannon loads his 29-footer to over 8000#.  Just something to keep in mind when you pick trailers.  Other stuff: I like double-axle trailers that have separate suspension for each axle.  This type really smooths out bad pothole dirt roads and such that you run into around boating areas and boat ramps.  One wheel will be on the road surface and helping to 'carry' the other wheel over the hole ... versus dropping each wheel in the hole one at a time.



Looks like decent quality ... some kind of fir?

See attached.

If it were me, I'd eat any difference and just buy a longer (possibly wider) trailer for the GA.  No welding, no add-ons.  That's a lot of boat!  Something else to consider is the boat width.  In the attached PDF, you can see the amidships cross-section - this sheet is in the plans just for your purpose ... help with fitting a trailer to the boat.  I think the GA is about a foot wider than a widebody?  Can't recall, but worth considering...

Maybe RoadRunner will take the w/b trailer in trade?  This is a good time of the year for selling boat stuff...



As always ... very professional work.  I definitely agree that bedliner on the top edges of transom cut-outs and motor mounts is a good idea.  Maybe I'll do that on my little 14' skiff with the clamp-on motor .... :D


Crazy!  :-\  :'(


Looks like you trimmed the motor mount and have the anti-cav plate lined up pretty good?  Is that bedliner coated on the motor mount?  Good idea!



Great news, Dan, and good idea on bigger limbers.  Main idea on the 15/16" holes was so they could be plugged with a standard transom plug, but if made larger and designed to fit a plastic pipe-test plug (see Home Depot and buy stainless replacement nut/bolt), then you can still plug them up.

Did any pics ever show up of the Kodiak?

There are no finished Kodiaks that I am aware of.  Chuck, over in Bend, OR will likely get a 30-footer on the water this summer.  And 'json' in Orange, CA is making great progress on his 28-footer (see ), but ... we're all patiently waiting for who will be the first to splash the Kodiak...

See the model comparison below...


Wow ... the paint/primer looks pretty hefty stout!   We had shaker cans of zinc chromate primer in the USAF and never once stopped to consider if it's poison or not ... I'm 60 and still alive :)


Wow!  Cool looking boat!   Love the long house ... very professional :D


Ar ar arrr..... :D  Trig is one of the most useful types of math.  You don't have to remember it all either, just basic triangles, cos() and sin() stuff.


Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: Hello from Texas
« on: May 15, 2020, 06:25:05 AM »
Just curious about how the GA performs in sloppy GOM chop..... beautifully done boat there!

You should start a new thread on that topic.... I can point to the thread from our FaceBook page too.  Should get plenty of feedback from people...


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