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That is one of the benefits of using peel-ply, if amine blush occurs it occurs on the outside of the peel-ply and no sanding or minimal sanding on seams for example.

I almost wish I had used peel ply after the 3rd coat of epoxy but it was 10:00pm when I put on the second coat.


What is amazing is the almost invisible seam the peelply leaves behind.  There is a seam where the glass overlaps that I will scrape / sand before adding last coat of epoxy tonight.

First pic is peelply on part of the roof, second one showing peelply seam which was hard to capture on pic.

I will add one last coat of epoxy as Brian suggests, I know without peelply  you do the initial glass wetout, add a fill coat, scrape sand etc and add a 3rd coat.  The fill coat is to basically fill the weave and a topcoat for protection.  How much gets sanded away is a guessing game.

I think with a digital caliper one could do 2 test panels of the same thickness and compare peel-ply 2-coat vs 3 coat sanded/scraped epoxy  and/or make the panels exact same size and weigh the samples before and after the coatings. 

I may give this a test, and report the findings.


After the first coat was tacky, I applied a generous coat of epoxy and put down the peel ply.  Its non eventful and does not look  like much but it will fill the weave without scraping, cleaning and sanding.  Peelply is a golden on the big surfaces.

I managed to get the roof seams faired and glassed the roof with the help of my wife mixing epoxy.  I still need to add a fill coat which will be a little later tonight and will be using peel-ply on the roof outer and inner surface.

I marked out the overhang on sides and windshield before applying glass.

I am hoping for only one fill coat with the peel ply, unless Brian suggests more. 

Going to be a long day at work, looks like I will put some epoxy in the seams tonight and put down some 4oz glass with filler coats this weekend.  I used 2 putty knives to put a tiny gap between the 4mm okume so the seams will be easy to fill.

Pics as promised: 

My timing is impeccable, I had a great idea to put on 2 coats of the fastbond and glue down the top skin,  its midnight and just 45 min to go before I can put down the last 2 pieces..  Pics tomorrow. My wife is helping me, glad I have an understanding wife.

I used dowels when putting down the foam just like you do with formica, my painter suggested to do what his dad does (upholstery guy) lay down some plastic, slide it around and pull out a foot at a time and roll it down.  That works amazingly well.

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Helm chair
« on: July 28, 2020, 12:08:52 PM »
Get two of them, good looking chair.


I need to go shopping!

Not seen sideways pics for awhile.

Slow grind going on here, I wanted to get the foam glued down today but didnt happen, it will tomorrow.  I put tapered dowels in the grab rails as cheap insurance against rails splitting when people attempt pull ups.  Grab rails are glued in and filleted.

Update Pics:

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / photo edit / resize tips
« on: July 25, 2020, 09:59:44 PM »

Smart phones take huge pictures and sometimes they come out sideways.  There are lots of ways to edit / resize but I have found an easy way.  ( there may be an easier way that I am unaware of)

If you copy your selected photos to a folder of your choice, I point (mouse pointer) to the pic, "right click" and select edit then change it to 20 /30 /40 or what ever size you like (only need to change one value) you can always change it.  You can also rotate it.  After resizing / rotation save and close the photo app.  Then in your post browse to your folder for your photos and select photos to attach.

Some pics of the process below.

This is my biggest bug ever.  Even after pulling parts off it was over 11 lbs

Is that considered a record book lobster?   I saved the pic and re-posted, looks right.  I resized it and "paint" keeps the aspect ratio..   No matter how you look at it its awesome!

Welcome aboard Randy,

Looking forward to your build, lots of great people to give advise and share experiences.


OMG!  My eyes are bugging out!!

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