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One more place I just remembered to get windows, Bounty Marine:

Thanks to Jeff  "JG" in Oregon City.

Bounty Marine, Inc.
11135 SW Industrial Way
Bldg.10 Bay 4
Tualatin, OR 97062-9682
Phone: 503-692-4070
Fax: 503-692-4075


I finished the fillets and taping the roof, and modified my front hatch opening a little, I had built it with square corners and rounded them glassed and added fillets.  I topped the fillets with fairing compound while still tacky.

Did I say how fun glassing and filleting overhead is?    I put a pencil line on the cabin side to line the glass up and blue tape on the edge of the roof to protect the paint.  Process was roll on a coat of epoxy, wait till slightly tacky, add fillets and put the glass tape on dry, and roll on epoxy to wet out.  The dry glass sticks to the epoxy and stays put, lined it up on the pencil line and pushed it upwards into the fillet and onto the inner roof.   

The fillet wetout the glass, wish I took a pic of that. 

All good advice,

I will add a large digit - display calculator to go with the digital scale, I place a cup on the scale, zero it out and pour any amount of resin I think I will need and multiply that amount by 1.43 and add the hardener to that amount.  This works with all other fillers like quickfair, gelmagic etc, although the ratio will be different.

I wish I would have covered the buttons and scale with saran wrap to protect the buttons, mine are a mess now.

Disposable gloves, when doing large projects you can put on 2-3 pairs of gloves and peel off just the outer glove and you have clean hands without trying to put gloves back onto sweaty hands.

large digit calculator:


Welcome back,

Great idea to use the motor mount for the template, hard to mess it up that way.

Nice to see progress.

Thanks Json.

I glued it on tonight, I will add fillets both sides and 4" cloth on the exterior perimeter as Brian suggests in the manual.


The best bilge is a scared sailor and a square bucket!

I have 2 bilges and will mount same fashion, one low and one higher up pumping overboard. 

Funny I cant remember what size I bought.

Good to hear,  I like watching your progress and videos so keep them coming!~

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Rolling +/- Tipping
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:57:34 AM »
I found a new painting video last night and a book on it, rolling 2-part linear polyurethane, to me it looks like I would need to practice but looks doable, I plan on not spraying the interior, spraying inside of a cabin would not be fun.

a different method of tipping:

I have seen youtube videos from Boatworks using Alexseal which I like:

And this is a good one also:

With help we set the roof on, I originally was going to apply the glue before setting it down but decided it would be easier to prop it up and add the glue and just set it strait down.

If you remember when I test fitted the roof I marked the inside corners and the roof rail locations and installed a strip of wood that the side window panels will have something to glue to and be strait.

Video was done by my wife without asking so you can see.  Videos are catching on..

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: 30' GA in Elma Wa.
« on: January 04, 2021, 03:11:17 PM »

I am not sure what is happening with the width of my pictures so any clues would be appreciated.

Not sure, I resized and rotated your pic and it still came out sideways, It could be a cell phone thing, Its the aspect ration that was off. I resize the photos with the Paint Program on my computer, I "right click" the photo I want and select edit to resize and rotate if needed:


Boat Building Tools / Stimson Roof Shed
« on: January 04, 2021, 10:44:56 AM »
For those of you that want a cheap shelter, you may not get plans anymore but you can do it yourself.  You can use the midievel math (video below) and a string or use paper and a compass, or even Sketchup will work.  There are lots of videos on assembly of the stimson roof or gothic arch.

Once you have the arc drawn you can take measurements along a strait line drawn the end points, similar to making a roof template.

On Edit, Or use a long batten like this video:

If you use sketch up I would make the arc intersect with the diagonal line, I tried using a circle to intersect the points but it does not work very good.  pic of the arc:

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: 30' GA in Elma Wa.
« on: January 04, 2021, 10:19:30 AM »
Looking good Gary,

Pics are kinda wide,  fixed it.  You and Kim are making great progress.

I really like the stimson roof shed, I had ordered the plans but found you really do not need them.  I found a video on Medieval Math and used that principle on sketchup and found you can make it any size you want easily.

Just added the flip video on You tube.

Would it be possible for a Sticky for video links for everyone on the forum could have easy access.

That is a Great idea, and could be added to as people make new videos.

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: heat in the house
« on: January 01, 2021, 05:50:21 PM »
Well I think you made a great choice since! 

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