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Blood on the Deck! (And Other Grand Adventures!) / Shake Down Tuna Trip
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:55:22 PM »
Took Izzy J out on her first Tuna trip. We went out of Newport 55 miles chasing Albacore, ended up with 16. We did better than most that day. What a blast getting blood on the deck. I was amazed how well we kept up with the heavy boats without pounding. Love my twins:) So impressed with the design of these hulls. I've owned a Grady Marlin 300 for 3 years so I know the difference. I'll take my Kodiak any day hands down all while getting better than twice the MPG...Thanks Brian   

I remember the day well when it was time to taking the boat out of the shop and onto the trailer in about the same phase you're in. What a MILESTONE!! and awesome Accomplishment!!

Great real world info Dan, thanks for posting. I have been wondering for a while about the trim tabs, sounds like it's a good addition. What size tabs did you install?
All great info. personally I decided to wait on the trim tabs to see how the hull operated with-out. Both my larger offshore factory fiberglass boats needed the trim tabs. So far I'm glad I waited on adding that option, my Kodiak doesn't seem to need them she runs great as is. Careful loading does help but to be honest I don't pay much attention to it.

Do we  need to CNC the whole thing? That could be funÖ

Let me get a picture uploaded
To cut on a CNC all ya need is lofting from Brian. Unless Brian already have the flat sheets laid out in cad then it's just some programing

Hello all, I love these support groups for those of us with the addiction of boats and making them ourselves.

Iíve seen a few Tolmans and a couple Great Alaskans. Absolutely beautiful. While Iím likely not going to build either of the former designs, I do have my sights set on a stitch and glue flat bottom dory for Pacific City use. Brian was gracious enough to assist with turning my rough line drawings into flat panel drawings, so now Iíve got a stack of drawings just begging to be laid out on plywood. Given the similarity in construction, I figured I had better join Brianís forum and continue to gain knowledge while I prep for the future build.
Stich & Glue Dory sounds amazing. You should post your line drawings! If she turns out to be amazing you might have some people wanting to buy your design. I have had several people ask me over the years for just such a set of plans. Welcome to the group!!

Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: Introduction
« on: June 14, 2022, 09:05:23 AM »

Love the CC speed boat!  You did a great job on it!  If you build a GA, it'll be SWEET!
Reel Sweet :)

I really like the table with the lip around the edges.  So cool to see your boat getting better all the time.
Thanks, I had some Corian left over so I used it on all counters

Dual helm fly by wire.   Ya Iím totally sweating the jack plate thing.  If mine doesnít work we should really get the word out.   Iím using atlas.  I donít know if any one else has tried that yet.  We will see
Mine are 8" Steering all worked just fine but the cables out of the motor hit the transom (when trimmed up all the way) so had to raise more than desired. If you turn your motors to one side the cables missed without raising. I just didn't like the idea of always remembering to turn to one side when trimming all the way up.

Seems like when you build a boat she's always wanting more of your time. Just love working on the boat in the slip :) My tools for the days adventure. Installing cuddy reading lights, working on the propane locker, installing rod racks inside the WH

I used butyl tape on mine (Wynne windows), I think it worked fine but I havenít exactly run the boat through any storms yet to find out eitherÖ
As said earlier I used 3m 4200 my boat lives in it's slip so she's rained on a lot!!! no leaks so far

Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: Introduction
« on: June 13, 2022, 09:14:38 AM »
Welcome to the Group! Nice looking center console! Build a GA to go with it. I have a Tolman WideBody CC and a 31foot GA Kodiak. Both have there intended uses boats are like fishing poles, need a different one for each type of fishing you

Chuck,   Iím curious if you had to move any x-members to move your axles that far forward?   I think my trailer is about the same as yours.  I can only go 14Ē with all components until I run into moving/straddling/ relocating fenders and other stuff.  Just curious how Iím depth you went.
To be honest I'm not sure, I had Newport Marine do it. I do know they had to relocate a few brake and electrical lines. They never said they moved any cross members

Good call on the scale Chuck, I just ordered one off of amazon for $150. I had been messing around with the bathroom scale and lever trick, but it wasn't that accurate I don't think... I feel like getting an accurate tongue weight is a good first step in what seems like it's going to be an uphill battle to get the trailer weight distribution dialed in right. That's crazy that your tongue weight was almost 2k lbs, that's a TON! (literally haha) How does your boat tow with the reduced tongue weight? Do you notice the difference?
Strange thing is I don't really notice a difference but I'm towing with a F-350 diesel crew cab

From what my research turned up the tongue weight should be 10-15% is the target range for total GVW of boat and trailer. I bought a scale designed weighing your tongue weight foe $220 I highly recommend this. I had to move my axels forward almost 24" to get mine down from 1900# to 800# on the tongue. Ya have to keep in mind if your boat is full of fuel and whatever else might be on the boat while on the trailer

Dance floor is 6 1/2 feet (6 feet 5 7/8inches per Brians spec's)to the front of the motor well, 9 feet to the transom, there is about 16 inches on each side of the motor well back to the transom.Always a compromise on deck vs cabin space, but I think plenty of room to dance with a 100 pound halibut flopping around or hold a half a dozen Sitka Black tails.
Just put the Halli on top of the Black Tail :)

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