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Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: Ed's boat in Perth
« on: October 05, 2016, 06:13:35 AM »
C,mon Ed.
Get R Dun !!!  If you get the commercial block with a shed on it I can give you a few good ideas on how to set one up for sleeping in. Got my head in a far better space after a few years of hell. So good to see you making some progress, and gee hasn't Phelix grown a heap. Can just see him launching down the road at the boat club and rowing round the basin. Bet old Gramps has a big smile on.  Hows the 'coon, still humming along?

Projects - Glacier Boats of Alaska boat projects / Re: Ed's boat in Perth
« on: October 15, 2012, 07:01:02 AM »
Hi y'all
I saw that Mr Ed had slowed down on his boat so it being king low tides I put a couple of 44 gallon drums of fuel on the back of my 4x4 and drove over the sandflats to spend the weekend with him and inspire him. Unfortunately the tides wont be low for another 28 days for me to get back so I'm stuck here for a month.

Now I have decided to change his name to Noah and the boat is now known as the great Australian.
First thing I noticed is that this boat is bloody LOOOOOOONG and skinny looking. I reckon that he should just cut off 3 feet from the Rse end but noooo He's going to cut it up the guts and throw in another 2 or 3 feet.
Hopefully these pics show him in action... bloody vandal..

There there Brian.. I care. Now that we got the emotional stuff over with git back to work.

Ed.. Saw on the telefishin that it reigned harder than old queen Liz over the weekend. Perthians wont be used to it... soon the lawns will be green instead of brown. Bet my mates irrigation was still running.... he didnt know how to turn it on and he certainly wont no how to turn it off HAHAHA.

You better get your Rse into gear.. I'm on track for escaping in Feb/March still & I wanna come fishing on the old Prinze Albert.... Once I secure employment I will help fill the V8s fuel tank! Hint Hint....

Ed, ya old fart ...  When you was a boy/apprentice.. way back when....  Was that how you built Noahs Ark  ;) ... They called it Gopher wood in them days, now we know it was resin made by the go-for(apprentice). Thats probly why it took 50yrs to build it, continually cutting it up and adding length as more animals was discovered and he musta had your BBq eating and beer drinking mates to turn it over.

Looks good so far.

I'm going to enjoy the streamlined Pelin for a few summers then have a chainsaw party in the delaminating cabin once I have used it and know whats important eg Bait fridge seperate from food fridge.

Ed. How right you are about the huge amount of work to replace the cabin but ..... ever since it did a submarine impersonation for a few days the ply throughout is slowly delaminating. It was not poxy sealed as the GA is.

Your bote is beginning to look real good, have you thort of a V8 and jet unit for it, I went out on one the other weekend, about 26 foot and it went grouse. Dont know thw economy but with that V8 thumping away who cares!!!! Boyz rule!!!!

Ed, sounds like U R thinking up good things to do with the space, boy rearward facing windows take up a pile of space, the stuff in between the 2 red lines on the starbord side of the Pelin pic is all downstairs piloting posn. With the forward facing screen it would all be moved about a metre forward and the port side would have room for a decent seating arrangement. far betterer.
It looks like U are really getting on to work now that the weather has cooled down a bit. Have you returned those bricks to the site up the road yet or are you keeping them for ballast to counterbalance the 3000 HP supertanker engine?
Keep working Ed, its looking good and I want to come fishing when I return to Perth in 201?.

Bryan, yip tire weights make good cast boolits, used to use em in .303 British coz for a while there we couldnt get boolits for it but now they are common as refugees... every shop has a few lying around doing nothing.

When designing the galley so the wahine can whip up some kai whilst you hunt ol' ika nui .... check the back of the oven for gas fittings, dont just build the woodwork based on the bumf from the brochure..... otherwise it will sit forward on the plinth and make it impossible to open the doors of the drawers beside it... well thats not the worst option, the other flash gas stove had a pipe fitting that came straight out the side and into the companionway!!! it wasnt left/right optional and it was  very expensive ( read cheap Italian schitt for the 1st world countries)otherwise we could have drilled a hole into the sink bench and all would have been kapai.
Now dont laught too hard at me and my floating muckups Ed, coz at least all our muckups are afloat and capable of taking us out fishing!!!!   :P :P

More design errors to follow...

Opps file to big, just like the farkup!!!

If you are going to use the space under the captains chair for a fridge think about the door opening... we didnt. Once we installed the very fancy canter table/engine cover thingo we couldnt open the expensive fancy fridge thingo... Oh Farko we said.. result is a big waste of now unusable fridge space and a loss of money on compressors and chiller stuff..

Hey there Ed. finally got out to the boat, had to pump out the bilges after all that rain last 2 weeks. Whilst there I took a few foters of things not to do... and some done by me I will just have to tell later.

1st off is the reason why I came to this site, looking for cabin ideas.  OK if the writing dont come out clear the red lines show the wasted space caused by the raked streamline cabin.. bit of a stupid idea for something designed to do 12 knots max.
The green is the potential space gained by a forward facing screen ala Prince Whatever, sorry Bryan if I bastardized your design drawing it...  dont cry too much.

Native Maori language..
Waka = canoe
Waipiro;    Wai = water  Piro= rotten/smelly.... booze, satans syrup, idiot soup, singing syrup, intelligence enhancer.... call it what you like.
'Moko; When referred to people is short 4 mokopuna= grandchild. otherwise its a chin/lower facial tattoo
Plurry; no Bs or Ds in the Maori alfabet closest to B is P and Rs are pronounced kinda hard almost like scottish, sounds like a soft D  hence bloddy becomes plurry.
The Swan; A bit of a creek/river that runs thru Perth..check it out on Google earth
Camper; Emirates Team N.Z. entry into the Volve ocean race..... had a bit of an oops when some internal structures delaminated and they had to do repairs mid ocean and again in Chile... some how its skippered by a plurry Ozzie!!!! I spose thats OK coz most of the other countries crews are run by Kiwis.!ocean
Eds Mates:   Blokes that turn up , drink his beer, eat his kai(food) then help him turn the boat ova. Then drink more coz it was 5 thirsty minutes work.
Ka Pai; Very good, Ok.

Dont let Ed look at the pics of RICE nozzles on this site... he will want one hanging under the poor boat.

Gawd ormighty..... they even used Eds beloved 365 Hp engines and have an Ozzie agent.
Sorry Brian, your once lovely hull design will never be the same.

Geez Ed  that looks a beaut waka you got there.... just got to fill in the blunt end and take er for a paddle up the Swan river.

That curved stem post just looks awesome, well worth all the fu.. mucking...  around to get it too look rite.

Guess the "fairys" musta got r turned over whilst y'all was busy skulling waipiro and not looking coz theres none of it actully happening!

Maybe y'all should offer ya services to the blokes on Camper... Vote Ed for master of resin.. Ol Chris Nicholson could do with your help keeping Camper in 1 piece for the Volvo race.

Git R Dun

Ed.... Hull looks great, waterline may be a bit optimistic in view of the 3000HP supertanker engine, Vdrive reduction unit and Kort Nozzle going in it!

Hate to have to tell you this.... but according to the foters they didnt turn it over yet. I reckon y'all just got on the waipiro with a bit of free BBQ thrown in and after a few hours it looked like it was turned over from your head down point of view!!!!!

That your Moko on the ground? looks like he is trying to copy the unable to walk properly  growdups.

Next time y'all are going to turn it over dont start drinking till its well done!!! ;D


C'mon Ed. y'all know the innernet (praise be to Al Gore) rules.... if theres no foters it never happened!  ;)

Brian.... How dare you suggest such things !!! Our government assures us that they know whats best for us and are only acting in our best interests.... and its all the fault of global warming caused by cows farting and smokey deezil 4x4s.
Thats why about 1/3rd of of all N.Z. bred folks head overseas to Ozzy to make a better life for themselves... Ed included and me most probably early next year once I get qualified.
Soon the only ones left here will be the politicians and the unemployed, oh and a couple of million immigrants from hot parts of the world all ripping each other off.

Seriously tho would 100HP produce around 20 Knots?

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