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Bryan... Shoot me... 35 knots, thats hellish fast for a 26' boat. well at least it is around this part of the world. Maybe the seas are a bit different on top of the world but down here in the bottom half most hulls would get a real pounding doing that speed for long and if the hull didnt suffer the poor old captains body sure would. Heck we would be over the fishing spots before the proverbial cup of tea has been made and consumed. Of course y'all dont have to drive it like ya stole it all the time.

Seeing as our fuel is 2 to 3 times dearer down here we tend to travel a bit slower and save quite a few bucks.

Well there ya go Ed, choose the desired speed, tell Brian and he will give more accurate guidelines for engine HP.

But Bryan y'all forgot the most important part.... it just looks shippier, may be because of the aditional height and extra feet.

Anyway mate whats the story on the fancy formular for HP/Speed. Is it applicable to the GA, am I way off track, is it anuther innernet (praise be to Al Gore) spoof, does that only apply to the Northern Hemisphere with its floating on top of the world lighter water or what. Ed seems to be rethinking fitting a huge 300hp firebreathing supertanker engine as a result and I dont want to be the one responsible for putting him crook. Roughly (educated guess) what HP do you reccomend to get his 20Knots.... of course there are variables like gearbox and prop bite but could it be done with say ..... 100hp?

Nissan 4.2 diesel specs..

Professor Google again...
1989 Model
4.2 litre, water-cooled diesel engine.
4 cycle, 6 cylinder OHV.
Crossflow cylinder head, high camshaft.
Bore x Stroke: 96 x 96mm.
Displacement: 4169 cc.
Compression Ratio: 22.7.1.
Max. Power: 85kW @ 4000r/min (DIN).  85 KW = 114 HP.
Max. Torque: 264Nm @ 2000r/min (DIN).

1999 model
Power= td42 [nomally aspirated] 91 kw@4000 = 122 HP.
= td42t [turbocharged] 114 kw@3600 = 152HP

Maybe old Harry (old owner) is a bit confused or maybe he's had it worked a bit. Engine was supplied by Moon Engines in Avondale N.Z. ... either way it goes pretty darned good.

Not too sure of the weight but it must be findable on the innanet.

Hi there Ed.... time for me to look real smart, or at least a smartass. ;) using professor google I found this boat speed calculator... Thanks Al Gore for inventin the innernet!

Did a bit of playing... 2,800 modern kgs = 6170 antique pounds.

weight = 6170
HP = 300
Hull constant = heavy v bottom = 225
Speed = wait fir it..... TaDah....  50 knots.

Now I know nothing apart from how to ask professor google, maybe Bryan would like to give professional opinion... maybe this calculator is only for Northern Hemisphere out boards I dunno.

But when I type in 60 hp it gets 22 knots. Even more if you call the hull a fast V bottom (which it probly is).

Yes I love the cabin shape as well... It just looks right.

Ed & I have been about his boat for the past few days. I thort someone else may have similar questions or thorts so have made it a posting..

Mate.. you have cheated... you know what you are doing, a real boat fit out builder bloke not just an amature wood butcher like me!!.

You mentioned 300 HP common rail non turbo ;D .... surely you are jesting, you are looking at a hellishly big truck engine for that. With no real knowledge I wonder if something diesel, 2-3 litre, up to 120 hp will produce sparkling results unless you are going for an absolute speed demon...  But then again maybe not due to the extra few heavy metres in yours over the Tolman Jumbo. My 5.8 mtr Ramco will hit 45knots with 90hp but speed in an active sea is uncomfortable, the Pelin will hit 9 knots but comfort is painfully slow... I think 20 knots is a pretty good target for me based on my experience in all 3 harbours. (Auckland N.Z. has the Waitemata, Kaipara and Manukau Harbours.... we are spoiled for choice, look them up on Google earth.) I could be fishing anywhere comfortably in an hour or so.

Doesnt the formular for speed increase in proprtion to length at the waterline??

It seems to me from just cursory glances that the only difference between the Tolman Jumbo and Prince William is a few feet. Are there any other differences? aside from the Prince just plain looking better! 

One thing I notice about the old Pelin (26 foot launch) is the lack of fish slaughtering are... the rear deck has only about 4 foot of side for fishing over.. once there are a few blokes on board that will not be enough. My  5.8 mtr Ramco has a larger fishatorium so its something that will be missed, however the ability to brew up a cuppa and reheat a feed in the Pelin is very attractive. I also enjoy the odd moi (maori word = sleep) whilst being busy fishing. I can understand your desire to add a few extra Metres.

Are you going to copy the plans for the Glacier cabin or will you be customising it a bit?


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