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Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / Re: It's Official
« on: October 26, 2020, 03:15:10 AM »
Make yourself a list of all the bells and whistles you want throughout the entire boat. Then get to doing a bunch of research of everything on the list, it will help with the entire process. It will keep you plenty busy while you wait to start your build and you will be way ahead of the game when you do start.

That's the goal. I'm realistically about a year out from the start of the build. I'm a security contractor in Kabul Afghanistan, so I'm not stateside much. The goal is to transition to a normal job stateside the year and buy a house. Once we get to past that part, the build is on. Until then, learn, learn, learn.

Boat Building Tools / Re: Which Clamps
« on: October 23, 2020, 02:16:36 AM »
This style of spring clamp worked the best for holding glass in place and they have some bigger versions.  Priced right and work great.

Thanks! I think I can definitely garb a handful of those for that price lol. I see they are a common item in a lot of build pictures.

Rheny, advantages of a winch over windlass: Most compact way to have a lot of rode - 500 ft of 1/4" dyneema, 80 ft of double braid nylon, 40 ft of chain, in my case. No rode locker taking up space in the v berth. Can use any kind/combination of rode you want. All the dirty, messy rode stays on deck. Powerful, fast, reliable. Disadvantage is it's more expensive and some people don't like the look. Only modification I made was doubling up the plywood underneath the mount to stiffen things up.

I love your set up. My dad has a windlass on his 24' Osprey. It requires 2 people to raise the anchor. It constantly needs the rode in the locker to be leveled out, and the splice for the chain and rode has to be manually routed through the windlass. I think the winch style would be a much more valuable setup and less headache long term.

I really like the overall look of your wheelhouse and how the bulwark blends in

Thanks Chuck, it's certainly turning out as good as I could have hoped for. Most of the design considerations are the stock PR ones from the manual, with the exception of some small tweaks to measurements and the forward leaning windshield instead of the back leaning. Otherwise what Brian spells out has turned out quite well, I am pretty stoked.

I really like how it's turning out too ... great aesthetics, great balance between bulwark versus the house visor etc.  It's gonna be a great boat!


Aside from aesthetics, is there an advantage/purpose for the bulwark vs. no bulwark?

That last picture really shows how big the boat is. Looks amazing though.

Boat Building Tools / Re: Which Clamps
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:34:23 PM »
Rbob, yea I am a harbor freight kind of guy. Most of their tools work just fine for me. Just hard to tell what sizes to invest in. Brian, thanks for the good info. I have a few big bar clamps, think I'll look out for a deal on some 6" clamps to get started.

Boat Building Tools / Re: Which Clamps
« on: October 15, 2020, 09:22:45 PM »
Rob ...Yes, I love Jorgenson clamps.  I use the 6" Jorgenson Clamps the most, and the 12" version the second most.  I also use the 12" Irwin Quick Grip Clamps quite a lot too.  I have one spreader clamp that I never use, and a couple of 48" Jorgenson clamps that I never use.  I use a pair of pipe clamps that let me clamp things wider or taller than a boat if I need to ...but I rarely use them either.  Having about 10 of the 6" Jorgensons and about 10 of the 12" Jorgensons is a great start... And yes, I keep the clamp pads on nearly all of my clamps - it helps prevent dents in wood that I have to fix later.

I also use a stack of 12-18 squeeze clamps too.


I know this is an old post, but this topic is my homework for the week. I am gearing up for the holiday sales and have almost zero usable clamps. Would you still agree that this is a good starting point for clamps or has there been any change in opinion over the last 6 years?

I've been researching them a lot lately for other usages. Lifepo4 Batteries have become extremely popular in the off road/off grid camping community lately. This is due to the need for more usable Ah's at less weight/space. Also coupled with solar, they appear to be doing good. The main key that I've picked up is that you're gonna have to spend a lot, and stick with reputable brands for piece of mind. Check out some build/tech videos from Expedition Overland on YouTube. They utterly abuse their vehicles in some of the roughest terrain and haven't had a major meltdown yet. There's a company called Battleborn batteries that seem to have made a dent in the marine industry and could probably answer more specific safety questions. There's also some new fire suppression tech on the market I plan on installing in the battery/electrical bay. I don't remember the specifics but it's like a ball that mounts to the wall, if there's a flame, it'll explode extinguisher material everywhere.       

Good idea! Can't wait to see it finished.

Looking Great! Keep up the good progress, definitely setting a new bar for the rest of us to reach. Is it 31'4" to the transom as is, or are you adding a bracket/extension that'll bring it out to 31'4"?
The OAL is 31'4" from tip of bow to longest pint on the transom after I cut part of the transom off for the Euro Transom look I an going for. If I left the transom as is it would add 4 more inches. I don't plan on using a motor bracket of any type just hang the motor right on the transom.

Ok, I think I see where my confusion was. I saw the renditions but then that you made what appeared to be a normal transom. So once you flip the hull and add the interior aft bulk heads, you'll cut the angles into the hull for the euro look/swim platform? 

Looking Great! Keep up the good progress, definitely setting a new bar for the rest of us to reach. Is it 31'4" to the transom as is, or are you adding a bracket/extension that'll bring it out to 31'4"?   

Introductions - Are you new here? Say hello! / It's Official
« on: September 18, 2020, 09:16:05 PM »
It's official! Convinced the wife that we should build a boat and we bought a set of plans. It's going to be a little while before we can start, and a long road to completion but we are excited to build a Kodiak in the next few years. Thanks for all the inspiration and knowledge on this forum.

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