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My idea of a way to hold my compass and still have access to the back f my GPS. I will finish the mahogany clear
I went with Kokopelli out in Maricopa AZ, 7k lb aluminum trailer that can hold 6k. I plan on not trailering heavy, getting fuel and ice at the fuel dock when possible. We will see how that goes. It comes this weekend so if I get the boat on it I plan on getting a dry weight before too long, I should probably "finish" my boat first tho...
General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Gathering of GA boats
« Last post by Djeffrey on Today at 07:42:58 AM »
Got mine as well. Thanks for the heads up it was in my junk folder.
I went with the 8800# trailer and extended & lengthened  the main beam for my size boat
General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Re: Gathering of GA boats
« Last post by ghelland on June 21, 2021, 11:30:59 PM »
I got mine too.  This is going to be fun.  We will always be changing and improving our boats so "done" just depends on the day.
I have yet to fill out the venture trailer estimator.  I’m wondering if I will need a hybrid of sorts.   Longer trailer with lower rating.  So something like the 8800# rating for the next length longer trailer
I like the aft overhang and the exterior hand holds.  It wouldn’t work in my case due to the shape/height of the offset house door and it would have been a head bonker for me at the second station.   Maybe on the next one
Yes definitely!    I screwed the pooch on that one too
And my 2c, round up on the thickness in case you want fabric on the inside.
Motion windows arrived today.  very thoughtful packaging.  no product was in contact with other product or the container.  well done Motion.  I had 2 openings that were snug. 
My .02!  Round down a 1/16"  when you order your windows.  Don't round up.    I will have to sand the edge of 1 opening and reglass that edge.  No biggy, but not necessary if you don't measure too close.

Brian looks like I'm the last one that needs moved to the proper forum
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