Author Topic: Can I put a tuna tower or a bridge helm on top of the pilot house?  (Read 4419 times)

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Q) Can I put a tuna tower or a bridge helm on top of the pilot house?

A) Well ...outside of following the plans, anyone is free to experiment, but before you do please consider the following:

  • The number one factor that affects the economics of operating a boat ("miles per gallon" for you lubbers out there) is the boat's weight.  The Great Alaskan was designed for high efficiency and as such, has a relatively light hull for a boat of it's size.  It doesn't take very much weight up high to impact the boat's stability (increased roll, possible unsafe conditions for people and boat), nor does it require a lot of structure up high to result in increased windage problems.
  • The Great Alaskan utilizes a "semi-dory offshore sea skiff" type of hull form.  The boat has generous flare to the sides, a modest (and efficient) deadrise, and a relatively stiff transverse metacentric height (GMt).  What this means to you is that one of the features of this design that makes the boat seaworthy is how it bobs up and over waves rather than slice through them (assuming adrift or not under much way), and that includes how the boat responds to waves and swells approaching from the side.  The 'roll with the flow' response that occurs while the boat bobs up and over seas will increase the sway of any structure mounted up high ...Depending on weight (including yours) and what you've put on top of the boat, you could find yourself in the drink if you experience the right sized or sort of seas or swells.

Be careful and be conservative out there!


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