Author Topic: Teak "off the shelf" joinery supplier - Thailand  (Read 1670 times)

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Teak "off the shelf" joinery supplier - Thailand
« on: January 02, 2015, 03:09:20 AM »
I have been always looking over the innernet for ideas on interior and exterior joinery.

Found a supplier of finished teak joinery, as I don't have a joinery shop anymore this is probably the way I'll go to fit out the boat, the joiner is in Thailand, some of his milled teak is cheap and some, well, just costs the same if it were made locally IF there was a local joiner building this stuff and has it ready to buy "off the shelf".
Contact is -
Web -
Look for their PDF and you can D/L it, if you email them they will send you prices in an xlsx form which I have attached here, prices change.... Min order is US3k but I think they will send smaller orders, at no additional cost.
I'm saying to them I want a sample of their product for evaluation and show room...... that'll be enough for my boat!
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