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A variety of size-related questions come up, with most people wondering about things like waterline, freeboard, interior freeboard, height and width required for a garage door ...on and off a trailer, etcetera.  In light of those questions, here are some answers that should help (noting that the design waterline is at standard displacement ...1/2 fuel, typical crew, gear, equipment, etc):

  • Waterline at the stern, typical displacement (3800-4000 lbs total, 4000-4200 lbs for Kodiak): 4 inches (add about an inch for each additional 650 lbs or so)
  • Total hull draft, including bottom strake but not including motor skeg (same load): about 12 inches
  • Exterior freeboard (waterline to sheer deck): about 31-1/2 inches measured at the lowest point near the stern (add 5" inches for Kodiak Model)
  • Interior freeboard (main deck to sheer deck, at stern): about 28-3/4 inches (add 5" for Kodiak Model)
  • Total boat width: 8 feet, 5 inches, at widest point, measured at the sheer (Kodiak Model is 9 feet 4 inches wide)
  • Total boat height (off a trailer): 7 feet 9 inches (Rockport, Newport), 8 feet 7 inches (Prince Rupert w/visor) (Kodiak Model is same height)
  • Hull height from bottom of keel strake to top of cuddy roof:  About 6 feet 7 inches (Kodiak Model is same height)
  • Total height when on a trailer: 9 feet 5 inches (Rockport, Newport), 10 feet 3 inches (Prince Rupert w/visor) (Kodiak Model is same height)
  • Total width on trailer: MOST trailers will not be wider than the boat (see boat width above)
  • Length overall of primary hull (LOA): The advertised boat length, e.g. a 26-foot GA will be 26 feet from tip of bow to aft-most top edge of the transom
  • Length including anchor pulpit: Allow about 30" for the anchor pulpit and anchor
  • Length including outboard motor: Allow at least 40" for outboard motor, leg, and propeller behind the boat
  • Length of trailer tongue: Depends on your trailer selection, typically allow at 6 feet forward of the bow point (anchor pulpit do not matter here)
  • Total Length: Off trailer for building purposes, add LOA (above) and anchor pulpit lengths PLUS at least 4 feet for space to work in front of bow and behind the transom
  • Total Length: On trailer, fully outfitted,  Add LOA, trailer tongue length, and mounted outboard length (including propeller) PLUS 2 feet to leave room to pass by either end of the boat when the shop door(s) are closed
  • Headroom inside pilot house is 76" (6'4", 1.9m) - assumes per-spec build with pilot house decks on top of stringers (unraised) and measured to inside of actual pilot house roof (between handrails, center)
  • Decks can (typ.) be raised up to 4" above stringers for more fuel tank space, extra height of scuppers above waterline, sloping and/or crowning cockpit deck downward towards the stern to enhance self-bailing etc

Total height of the boat depends on whether or not you add rocket-launcher rod holders, rafts, radar, antennae, and other items to the top of the boat, and how tall you choose to make your visor on roofs such as on the Prince Rupert (or even the Newport if you add a tugboat-type visor to it).  Total height on a trailer depends partially on the trailer that you select, and the above assumes that the boat's keel will be off the ground by about 19" or so for a typical trailer that has 14" trailer wheels.  Total width of the boat itself is accurate given you apply rubrails 3/4" thick as specified, but total width on a trailer depends on your trailer selection, fenders, etcetera.  The measurements above are intended to be approximate in order for you to do appropriate planning.  For example, I would not personally choose a new garage door of less than 11' high by 8' wide or so in order to allow a boat of typical configuration to slide through it on a trailer, and even that would require radar on a pedestal that can be removed or hinged forward.  You CAN get away with a typical 10 foot high garage door if you commit to not having a visor on your pilot house roof (or only a low one) and don't back the boat into the shop/garage with anything on the roof (antennae, raft, rods, radar etc).

Hope this helps,


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