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Ground Tackle
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:50:06 AM »
Hi Guys- I am getting close to launching Rosie my Outer Banks 26. She is similar in size, and windage to a GA but a bit lighter. I am putting my ground tackle together and would love to hear from you about your choices and how it has served you.  The last time I was doing this was outfitting a heavy displacement cruising sailboat. Four heavy  anchors (one to use, two to lose and one for a storm). All chain rode, etc. This time around the boat is very different and so should my approach be.
There is a  new crop of anchors which are in vogue that I have no experience with. They sound like a big improvement over the old CQR, BRUCE, etc. I bought a 22lb. ROCHNA as my primary anchor. The charts call for 3/8” nylon for the rode. I am sure it is strong enough but wonder about it chafing through to easily as well as being hard on the hands. I intend to try using Rosie without a windlass and being able to grip the line comfortably is important. Going to large and the elasticity is gone, however. The charts also call for a length of 1/4” HT chain which seems best suited as a piece of jewelry to me. Don’t want to much weight in the bow but weight is a partly why you use a length of chain. Of course where you use the boat matters. I am in British Columbia and hope to cruise north to Alaska at some point.
What anchors have you used? What size and length of chain and line etc? Bow roller? Lots of the nylon line on the market is made in China such as the SEADOG brand. Any experience with the quality?
Any input? Thanks.