Author Topic: FOR SALE - Last set of v2.2 PRINTED plans for the Great Alaskan! DEEP Discount.  (Read 129 times)

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I'm starting production of printed plans using the latest set of documents ... which I'm calling v3.  I have ONE SET of printed plans that were printed before the metric conversion.  The plans INCLUDE the Kodiak addendum and full download rights for all the latest from our website.  These are imperial (USA) plans.  The changes that occurred in the latest version are:

- Some clarifications added to the Kodiak Addendum
- Dan Boccia's notes on custom-made aluminum tanks - what to do, what NOT to do.
- All drawings have been transferred to my new drawing template format that supports the production of USA and Metric unit drawing ... but no content has changed.

Message me if interested.  I'm asking below my production cost ... only $75 shipped (USA destinations only)

Thanks, I'll update when they're gone.

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