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« on: November 11, 2020, 08:08:24 AM »

NIX the following.  We're going to let the MeWe site die on the vine.  When they started restricting free speech, they violated their agreement with the world at large, so we're dropping them (and closed our Premium-member account).  For the moment, we are only here in this builder's forum and on FaceBook - Still can't get rid of FaceBook.  It's turned into our primary presence online and until that somehow changes, we grudgingly continue ... WE believe in free speech and don't care what speech it is that you have! 

We are now present on as well as on Facebook - Whenever I post on Facebook, I will post in our group (Glacier Boats of Alaska) as well.  I encourage all members to join our group and join in on the discussion - long term, Facebook will fade away to just a bookmark of sorts that points to our website and the site while the site becomes our first stop: link:
  Glacier Boats of Alaska at MeWe!

Facebook link:
  Glacier Boats of Alaska at Facebook



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