Author Topic: Past and present boats. GA will be my future.  (Read 121 times)

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Past and present boats. GA will be my future.
« on: February 18, 2021, 11:04:06 AM »
I've built/owned quite a few boats in the past, none of them big, and hope to be starting a GA build here starting later this year. You know the deal- what's the first step in building a boat? Buy property so you can build a house with a big garage so you have a place to build a boat. Foundation on the house should be going in next week-ish.

I've built many kayaks. Fiberglass/carbon/kevlar for whitewater, as well as stitch and glue for flatwater. There was a SUP in there as well.

The SUP:

Two Stitch 'n Glue Kayaks in progress:

The double competed:

The single completed:

Whitewater play boats:

Whitewater Slalom racing boats:

Here is one I designed from scratch and built myself

I also currently own a 1974 Olympic 18' fishing boat. It gets really small with 4 of us and a bunch of shrimping pots. I've completely re-wired all the electrical and re-powered it. 

I've also fixed up some other random boats, like the 14' Livingston that I keep out on the lake. There have been other random boats I've owned and/or built, but these are the more interesting of them. At most times growing up, I've almost always had well over a dozen kayaks since I used to be pretty involved in racing them. Lots of canoes as well. Still have probably a little under 2 dozen laying around if you include the ones my dad owns (we pretty much share the fleet).

I hope to be starting a GA here in the fall/winter. I've been planning and researching for nearly 3 years now waiting to have a place to build it.